My submission for @fancydrak's "Mario and Friends: When I Grow Up" collab! I got “college student,” a job not featured in the original game, so I just went kinda nuts!

Another year, another realization that I drew nothing in February. D’ohhh…

The picture in the November slot is a thing I only posted on Twitter, while the one in December is part of a gift, the whole of which I can’t post publicly juuuuuust yet!

I skipped over Street Fighter X Tekken, so I’m super pumped for her return in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

"My love… You made me so happy. Thank you…"

Done for this FFVI art jam!

Better luck next time, A…

Redrew one of my old pieces from two years back. I think it’s safe to say I did a much better job this time around.

Dream address 2600-0218-7298. Have fun.

I entered Capcom-Unity’s Project X Zone crossover contest and won!¬†

Congrats to the other two winners and to those who might be getting a little something in the coming week!

I’m so stoked for Wind Waker on Wii U, you guys.

Bandwagon jumping, wooooo

Bandwagon jumping, wooooo