Yep, it’s the same one from that picture I drew a short while back. Not too long after I finished that one, I got an idea for a story for her. I managed to write almost an entire script draft in a week for this thing, so you’ll be seeing this story sooner rather than later, barring any unforeseen complications.

Remember all those other original character designs I was posting? Well, that project’s on the back burner now, and I’m working on something totally different. I’ve actually been oddly inspired with this concept, too, so you might see the actual thing very soon.

Also, I couldn’t think of an interesting pose, so I went for the model standard of “stick hand out”. Boooooo.

Yet another updated design, and a bit more of a departure from what I had before. Plus, I came up with designs for younger versions, too!

Felt the need to go back and update the design of one of my original characters, consequently retooling my ‘style’. Don’t know if I should keep the whites in the eyes or just go without them as before.

Just a basic character idea for a story that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, a story that’s actually much more lighthearted than this picture would suggest.¬†Also thought this would be a nice time to try some more dramatic lighting, so hey!

Trying out a little something different. I don’t plan on changing my own style anytime soon, but it’s good to experiment!