Part two of four. Quite a departure from the first one, right?

The beginning of a small series of drawings. This particular outfit was inspired by something I saw on Etsy.

My submission for @fancydrak's "Mario and Friends: When I Grow Up" collab! I got “college student,” a job not featured in the original game, so I just went kinda nuts!

Done as part of the Very Merry Art Trade, an art-oriented Secret Santa gift exchange on Twitter. Also got to try out some new Photoshop brushes on this one, and they’re totally rad! Hope my recipient enjoys it!

Another year, another realization that I drew nothing in February. D’ohhh…

The picture in the November slot is a thing I only posted on Twitter, while the one in December is part of a gift, the whole of which I can’t post publicly juuuuuust yet!

I skipped over Street Fighter X Tekken, so I’m super pumped for her return in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

"My love… You made me so happy. Thank you…"

Done for this FFVI art jam!

Better luck next time, A…

Trying my hand at some more dynamic poses!

Been messing around with some old OC’s and reworking them. They’re, uh, going in interesting directions…